A Safe Place

The world is constantly moving and so are we. Sometimes we tend to ask, “Where am I really going?” Do we live one day at a time, or do we live with a destination in mind?

It says in the Bible that the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” Another version puts it this way: “God’s name is a place of protection — good people can run there and be safe.”

What if the destination is not a country, not a town that we grew up in, nor a beautiful vacation spot we dream of? What if the destination is not having a family of our own, not building a house, not owning a brand new car, or landing our dream jobs? What if the destination is something constant and strong as a tower?

The truth is, our destination is not visible to the naked eye. We cannot pay for it and it cannot be taken away from us.

One of the life journeys that reflected this truth is the life of David, a shepherd boy who was chosen by God to lead the Israelites. In the book of Psalms, he repeatedly cried out to God in the midst of his trials and persecutions. Like us, he isn’t perfect. He made mistakes, he was hated. People wanted to kill him, and many times he ran away and sought refuge in God. Despite the darkness and uncertainties of his present situation, he chose to fix his eyes on God. His deep desire was to praise Him, to stay close to Him, and to hold on to who HE is. David never asked where he should go or where the bad situations will lead him in his journey. He knew his destination, his safe place, and it has always been the Lord. He held on so tightly to his faith and chose to abide in God every single day.

When we repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our Savior, our destination is sealed for us. Nothing can ever separate us from Him anymore. Wherever we may be, whatever the situation we face today, whatever happens tomorrow, we will always be safe.

Isn’t that the best destination? We can live one day at a time with assurance because with Him, we are always secured.

God wants us to run to Him, to cry to Him, to praise Him andto love Him with all of our hearts. He is a Father who deeply cares for us and He is our safe place.

More than Happy Thoughts

When the world tells you to think of “happy thoughts,” what exactly do you think about? Do you think about happy memories? Do you think about moments that made you smile? Or maybe you think about the future you’ve always wanted to have.

While thinking positively may help us get rid of a bad mood, it doesn’t guarantee that we will find true contentment and hope in it. Why? Because these things are as fleeting as our emotions. Happy memories fade away. Happy moments might be forgotten, and the future is uncertain. But do you know that we can look back to something that can revive us, strengthen us, and comfort us today?

Psalm 71:19-20 says, “You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.”

The writer is not talking about memories from places, situations, or people he have met. Instead, he refers to Someone who has been faithful to him in the past. Someone who is unchanging and can rescue him AGAIN. The writer is confident that he can depend on that Someone in the midst of his troubles and calamity.

If we are faced with troubles, we can choose to cling on hope that fades away or hope that stands still. Only what He has done for us is certain. Only His love counts until forever.

“Your righteousness Oh God reaches the high heavens.
You who have done great things Oh God, who is like you?” Psalm 71:19

Nothing or nobody can ever replace the hope that we find in Jesus. When we find ourselves in the midst of troubles and uncertainties, we can choose to fill our minds with these truths: God is always with us. He is faithful. He loves us. He saves. While everything seems to be going out of reason, He knows. While it seems impossible to move forward,
He makes it possible.

Let us resolve to put our faith in
Him, the Unshakeable, the Immovable.

The peace and comfort He gives is more than any happy thought imaginable.


2020 has been by far the toughest year of my life.

It was a time of testing. A time of revelation.

God dug deep into my heart and plucked out the weeds that I didn’t know were growing (or I were hiding) for many years.

I lost my physical strength and I’ve gone through emotional breakdowns for months. Those days, I saw how weak I really am and how strong I can be with GOD. 

It was WITH Him and THROUGH Him that I found healing and refuge. His Word has never been so alive and tangible at a time when no human effort or presence can comfort.

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” John 15:4

I would not have survived without having the resolve to remain in Him..

To desperately call for the Name of Jesus when I am in pain.

To sing praises to God even when I am at my weakest.

To seek His peace and love when thoughts of despair, doubt, and regret pull me down.

To hush down the noise in my head to hear His still small voice saying,

“Before the vineyard, before the going, my dear child, you need to ABIDE in Me.”

Abide is a word that will remind me, ‘til I die, of the One Great God that I serve and who loves me so much. A God who wouldn’t want to see me wither as a branch in His Vineyard and would always, always want me near Him.

Abide is a word that humbles me as a sinner and gives me confidence in the power of Jesus as God’s precious daughter.

Abide is a word that instructs me to obey God and to acknowledge Him and honor Him as the Highest authority in my life.

Abide is a word that gives me courage to share about Jesus to the world.

A word that has inspired me to create this space.

Because Jesus died and rose again for us all.

Jesus is for all.

The Great Reveal of 2020

How do we begin telling our stories?


We are forced us to face battles.

Real ones.

Battles that have brought us to our wekeast, our lowest, our ugliest. Battles that reveal to us who we really are – the person we have become and the person we ought to be.

Our stories have taught us to savour the mircale of every day.

We almost did not make it. We almost gave up. We almost did not want to care anymore. Now here we are, almost at the end of 2020. Should we be celebrating?

Nobody can tell us what to be or what to feel today. But may we resolve to keep our stories alive in our hearts. Our stories hold a revelation. God has been revealing to us His glory.

I remember that day when I was lying on the stretcher of an ambulance last June 1, 2020. I was in so much pain that my mind went blank and all I could do was to look outside the window. I remember seeing a clear blue sky and the rays of the noonday sun are peeking through the branches of a tree. That moment, I knew I wasn’t alone. What I saw didn’t take away the pain I was in but in my mind I knew that I was looking at something beautiful. And it was made beautiful at that moment for a purpose. Someone has orchestrated it. Someone was looking over me and over many others who are being rushed to the hospital that day. Who else can provide us such hope?

2020 was tough and for many of us, 2021 might not be any less difficult. It might never be the same again – the way we live, the way our bodies work, the way we build human connections. The traces of 2020 will remain but let us resolve to preserve that beautiful sight in our stories.

I believe God has designed hope in different ways for each of us. He authors our stories. He hears our cries. He listens to EVERY prayer. He knows the pain. He feels the emptiness. He weeps with us.

I believe God has never abandoned any of us in the battle because in the story where He has placed me, He caused His glory to shine through the most painful moment of my life. I knew for certain that He has caused the same light to peek through in your life when you were on the darkest tunnel of 2020. And He promises to be with you wherever you go. We all have that beautiful sight – His glory – to behold.

Every story, every day, God’s grace.

2020, 2021, His glory shines.

In sickness and in health, ’til eternity bring us home.

Facing the Big U.

Fear creeps in when we face the unknown.

The unknown is inevitable. We cannot force it to reveal itself to us u til God says so.

We need to step in before knowing what is. We need to discover before we get amused.

How many of us are now in the middle of this journey? You’ve taken the first brave step and you’re pushing yourself further. Taking it one day at a time, living by the grace of God. Doing what you’re supposed to: walk by faith.

You keep moving forward, you face your fears each day, you live. But most of all, you find hope, refuge, and strength in God no matter what your circumstances are.

You face the unknown full of expectations of what a mighty God can do!

Sometimes when it gets really blurry, we tend to forget how God works in our lives. But fret not, because He will not let you stray away farther from His Words and His promises.

If you seek his face, you will find Him and hear His voice, and feel His heart.

You become brave.

You become certain.

You find your way.

Even in the midst of the big unknown.

Make Jesus the Lord of all things – including the uncertain and fleeting realities of your life. ❤️