The Doors of Life

Not all doors are meant for our lives. Sometimes we knock on a door that isn’t meant for us. Sometimes we ignore an open door. Or sometimes we enter an open door only to regret doing so.

How many doors have you encountered so far in your life and how did each door make you feel?

The Waiting Door

This door is the one you’re waiting to open and you’re willing to wait for no matter what. You stare at it, smile at it, get tired of looking at it for a while, and then you smile again and continue to wait. It’s a door that is closest to your heart because you believe you belong to there: on the other side which you imagine as bright amd beautiful. But the door is still kept shut. You can only wait and hope that it will finally let you in. And that hope keeps you going.

The Rejection Door

The door which says “No.” This door will hit you hard but will make you stronger afterwards. The door that you thought was for you, but it turned out it’s not. Rejections can actually be a ball of sunshine if you look at it as Gd’s way of leading you closer to the destined door. Sometimes a rejection door may be even better to have than a waiting door because for every No, God is saying Yes to something. A rejection door clears your mind and somehow, it leads you to the next door l. And that next door? Well, that could be your destined door.

The Deceiving Door

Just because a door is open doesn’t mean it is open FOR you. Deceiving doors may open at an unexpected time, or they will open all at the same time. They will open wide and wait for you to come in. Without discernment, you may miss the message behind and just grab any open door you see. For me, this is the hardest door to face. When you try to discern an open door, there is likely a struggle between what your heart is saying, what others are saying, and what the world is saying. Times like this, only a still heart and an open mind can truly discern. Your heart must align with God’s will and its His voice that you need to follow more than anything else. Deceiving doors may look good and feel good, but if it’s not part of His plan, He will show it to many ways.

The Destined Door

This is THE door. The ultimate door that is connected to your heart. Predestined for you by God, this door is where you truly belong, at least in this imperfect world. I want to describe this door as set-apart. Among all the doors you’ve faced, this door was and is for you. It’s no wonder finding your destined door will not be as easy as having a dream. Before you reach this door, a process and a preparation must take place. You have to walk a long way, get wounded if needed, face rejections, until the time comes you are ready for the real thing. All the other doors you’ve had in your life will make sense when you finally reach your destined door. It’s not for us to predict or to plan the steps we’ll take before reaching this door. Uncertainty will sometimes slow us down, but we ought to rise above it with trust. Believe that there is a Higher plan, and that plan carries a door that will take you in.

Our jouneys are filled with doors, don’t you think? Life on Earth is made exciting because of these doors. And painful. And meaningful. And full of questions. But in the end, rewarding. One thing is for sure, it’s hard for us to get lost if we trust the One who is leading us the way.


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