Do you hear it?

To follow “a calling” is an act of surrender. It’s knowing where to go by listening and opening your heart; It looks at today and sees tomorrow as something as precious as the present.
In reality, a calling can be so easily embraced as an end point that one should intentionally pursue or chase after. In a way, it’s true. Without the courage to go after a thing you love, you might stay wandering or may feel lost. But a calling is supposed to make you feel you’re exactly at the right place at THE MOMENT you are in – not tomorrow, not at the end of the year or two years after. It’s a continuous surrender and acceptance of God’s leading. It’s a kind of surrender that makes you bold and strong enough to see each day as a precious moment of your life, regardless of the work you do, whether you feel happy doing that or not. A calling is never just OUR decision or OUR choice. It’s not us who make the call. God does and He does it according to His plan, according to His timeline. He is waiting on the other end for our answer. Are we going to surrender to His calling or ignore it to chase after the calling we want for ourselves? I am actually asking this question to myself right now and I must say I’m guilty for fixing my eyes to what I want, ignoring the significance of where God has placed me at this moment. I am guilty for being blind to the real meaning of the word calling until I stumbled upon a book tonight and was awaken to the Truth that where I am at the moment is where I am called.
God knows the desires of my heart, He doesn’t play deaf to what my heart is crying out for me to do and fulfill. I know–and choose to believe–that one day, I will reach that point where my passion will intersect with His plans for me. Until then, there’s a call IN THE MOMENT that I need to surrender to. My today is as signifcant, special, and fulfilling as my tomorrow. I shall always remind myself this.


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